Selling Your House: Home Staging Tips For Updating A Bathroom

Are you planning on selling your house? Kitchens and bathrooms are key to the sale and buyers today do not want to have to do major work when they move in. How can you turn your tired bathroom into a showplace without spending a fortune to renovate it?

Tip # 1: Clean every inch of the bathroom. Remove all of the grit and grime of years gone by. Try Krud Kutter, available at Home Depot. Spray it on the dirty surface and let it sit. We are all so anxious when we decide to clean to get in there and scrub, but these products are formulated to do the work for you. Let the Krud Kutter sit for 30 mintues before you wipe anything. If there is still a build up, repeat the process. Krud Kutter also works on wax build up on kitchen floors and they sell a specially formulated product for rust removal.

Tip # 2: Re-grout and re-caulk the shower and tub tiles so that they look perfect. Repair where needed. To change the color of old tiles, use a tile glazing company who will come in and spray the old tiles and tub with a white or cream glaze for a completely “new” feel. We have successfully updated bathrooms in multi-million dollar homes using these techniques.

Tip # 3: Change the floor. Everyone thinks that changing a bathroom floor is a big deal – but replacing the floor can be a relatively inexpensive update to an old bathroom. The design trend today is to use larger tiles than they did in the 70s and 80s, so a quick inexpensive way to update those floors is to change the dark grout between the tiles. Simply clean and re-grout with a color that closely matches the tile. The visual result is impressive for a very small investment. There are also floating floors that can be installed on top of existing tile and no demolition is required!

Tip # 4: If needed, switch out the toilet, vanity and sink with standard in-stock products at Home Depot or Lowes. Shop for value. Good design is now abundant and we don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a high end look. Select a new faucet and light fixtures with a simple finish. Always match the finishes on bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Tip # 5: Remove that old wallpaper and paint the room with a soft spa color for a relaxing atmosphere. Paint the trim to match the cabinets. Accessorize with white towels and a new white textured shower curtain from Pottery Barn. Add a dramatic mirror from Home Goods or Target and unwrap a big bar of great smelling soap to place by the tub. Roll some soft white towels, add a canister of bath salts and start to pack. The buyers are going to love these updates and you can enjoy your new spa bathroom until moving day.

According to Home Gain statistics, home staging yields a 582% Return on Investment. By updating your bathrooms, you have taken a big step towards successfully selling your house!